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Chasity’s Publications

The M Report – The Glass Roof: Strengthening Women’s Home-Purchasing Power
Named contributor – September 7, 2020

Time: NexAdvisor:
What to Know About Private Mortgage Insurance — and How to Avoid It
Named Contributor – website backlinked to TIME!
Published date: July 22, 2020

NMP: Refis Take the Top Spot
June 2020

My Mortgage Insider: 8 Tips to Have an Awesome Mortgage This Year
Featured Contributor – June 20, 2017

Featured guests on the following podcasts:

Mission to Build the Perfect Loan Process w/Chasity Graff | Next Level Loan Officers
Published Aug 23, 2020

AIME: Broker to Broker Podcast: How to Network & Delegate to Avoid Burnout (with Chasity Graff) –
Episode 42
September 1st, 2020
March 16, 2020

Woman’s Growth Network Series with Laura Brandao:
Aired July 6, 2020

Mortgage X Podcast:
Dec 11, 2019
BX 5: The Power of Online Communities with Chasity Graff & Michelle Dugan

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